Now you can register .suck Top Level Domain names

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As of midnight on Sunday 6/21/2015, .sucks domains went on sale to the general public.  Imagine your surprise when you google your company and you find right next to it To make it even worse there could be the matching website

Just more grey hair for the marketing director and business owners trying to save their corporate image.  Lets not forget about high profile people are at risk also. As of the time of this post, there was the availability of to purchase at a mere cost of $2,200.00, but thank goodness Kim Kardashian was able to preserve her name in time.

This is brought on by the registrar of domains Vox Populi, who has been accused of targeting trademark holders in a predatory fashion.  They argue back that the new TLD could help consumer advocacy groups in their campaigns and would result in having a single source for complaints.  There is even talk of the registrar planning to subsidise the hosting of these discussion forums for customers of certain high profile companies and products.  For the small to medium size business there is some relief, these are not the $10.00 domain registrations, but can cost up to $2,500 per year.  However we have found the average is around $200-$250 for average sized companies.

The registrar had run a “sunrise period” in which trademark companies were able to get their .sucks domain.  Imagine if Pepsi wasn’t able to purchase  There were 3,400 registrations in the sunrise period, with all at an average of $2K each, bringing in an estimated $6.8 million for Vox Populi.  There will be many companies trying to cash in on the selling of the .sucks domains back to the companies that happen to be sleeping on the job.

The registrar has created an advocates program that offers free .sucks domains to “cause-related, customer service-driven and politically partisan websites among an even wider set of domains devoted to helping people make a point and rally a community.”

For a list of Top Level Domains in addition to .sucks accepted by Google please check here:

If you are interested in preserving your company image or registering a .sucks domain don’t hesitate to contact us.

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