Top 5 Stock Photos Used in Marketing that We Come Across

 In Branding and Identity

Even businesses with professional photos of projects or products have a need for an occasional stock photo. How important is it that your photo is unique?

Thanks to Google’s reverse image search you are now able to see how unique your photo is.  You can find variations of the same photo, or even similar looking photos.

A professional stock photo can create a more impressive appeal than a photo shot with your iPhone. It is not uncommon to use them to bring a more professional look to a website or print material. We wanted to post some of the more common photos we’ve run across in the past few years to show how much a common photo can make a lasting impression or, conversely, maybe even dilute your brand.

Photo 1: Woman Standing by Window Drinking Coffee

Originally shot by Diane Diederich of Getty Images, this continues to be the most common stock photo used for the window replacement market. A search for the image shows more than 200 uses in the past decade. We actually used this photo in 2005 for a canvasing door hanger and it is still being used today.  The going rate for this photo on Getty Images is $475.00.  What we are wondering is if these windows have already been replaced since they would be 10-15 years old and appear to be a wood product.

lady drinking coffee looking out window

Photo 2: Headset Smile

The standard for the “call us now” stock photo. This came from a shoot with more than 20 photos offered. And they appear everywhere!


Photo 3: Business Ready

 More than 1000 links to this photo. This photo has certainly appeared on a website you’ve been on in the past few years.


Photo 4: The Senior Business Guy

Everyone wants to shake hands with this guy. His perma-smile is everywhere.


Photo 5: Ariane

She’s a minor celebrity attributing all her success to her willingness to promote EVERY product. She is synonymous with the term “Stock Photo” and there is no sign that she is slowing down.

2015-09-15_15-20-37The success of Ariane begs the questions – could a widely used stock photo actually help you because it has familiarity and multiple impressions with your clients? What do you think?

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