Hiring Trends for the Year Ahead

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Behind every great marketing campaign is a team of talented marketing professionals, so it’s no surprise that projected hiring needs are, in turn, reliable indicators of future marketing trends. But as the pace of digital marketing accelerates, how are hiring managers optimizing their teams and aggregating the range of skills necessary to market  to an increasingly savvy audience?  

To answer that question, McKinley Marketing Partners surveyed more than 100 marketers, including C-level executives, vice presidents, directors and managers, who are looking to hire the next batch of marketing professionals. Here’s what we found:

1. Companies are investing in marketing in 2015. When asked about their 2014 hiring volume, 64% of respondents reported hiring at least one marketer. Respondents’ hiring will continue, if not quicken, in 2015, with 75% of respondents saying that they will either maintain, or increase hiring volume within the marketing function.

2. Digital and content marketing dominate 2015 skill needs. While ​marketers continue to hire for both traditional and digital marketing roles, digital roles are more important for future hiring. Of the total survey participants, 49% reported that they would fill more digital marketing roles in 2015 and 39% said that they would fill more content marketing roles. On the other hand, the need for more generalist positions—professionals in project management, communications and general marketing, for example—is on
the decline. 

3. Data-driven marketers are becoming more essential. In addition to the increase in digital- and content-focused roles, our survey revealed that many companies are looking for marketers who measure and leverage marketing performance data. For example, 85% of respondents plan to hire the same amount or more data analysts, while 83% intend to hire the same amount or more SEO/SEM experts. 

By: Michelle Boggs Marketing News

This article originally appeared in www.ama.org.  To see the full article please click here: https://www.ama.org/publications/MarketingNews/Pages/hiring-trends-for-the-year-ahead.aspx

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