Do I need a marketing person on staff?

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A question we get from a lot of small business owners looking to make that next step is, “Do I need a marketing director?”

This usually comes from someone who has already made the commitment to grow their business, but they don’t know the next step. They have a willingness to “spend money to make money” while simultaneously avoiding taking the leap to an in-house marketing director (so they can save money). If this sounds like you, you are not alone.


Oftentimes, the question shouldn’t be, “Do I need a marketing director?”, but rather, “What are my marketing needs?” If you are in a direct mail or brochure intensive market, you need a graphic designer. If you are a in a radio/tv market you need a media buyer. If you need a photographer or web designer, you can find that specialist in your market. However, if you are listing the needs and realizing this is a 20 hour per week job for your business, you need an in-house marketing replacement service.


The model I’m suggesting is similar to IT Consultants. In a small business, most employees wear many hats, but they don’t wear all those hats every day. An IT or Marketing consultant can take several of those hats and own them so you can spend your time working on your business. We provide services like web design, print design, direct mail or billboard campaigns, radio or television copy and most important, the metrics to help evaluate each campaign.


Many in-house marketing managers are trained specialists. They are photographers or copywriters, not generalists. So they are left to themselves to figure out what’s best. An in-house marketing replacement firm can supply you with efficiency, industry-specific knowledge and ultimately a cost savings to you.


Do you really want to worry about what your next Facebook post will say? Let us do it for you and together we’ll help you get your lion’s share.


If you feel like talking more about what a firm like ours provides, please reach out to us.

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