A New Kind of Advertising Agency

Business owners face a daily barrage of marketing companies pitching their wares, ranging from rabid dog sales reps from Yelp and HomeAdvisor to boiler rooms of SEO experts promising #1 Google [...]

What to Update when Moving Your Business to a New Address

Here are a few reminders of updates to make when you change your business address. 1. Change Your Address For Local Listings Online Google My Business Yelp BBB Chamber of Commerce Bing Places [...]

15 Great Marketing Ideas for Contractors

15 Great Marketing Ideas for Contractors We’ve compiled a list of the Top 15 marketing concepts that contractors, builders and remodels can start working for them today. Take some time to [...]


Guerrilla marketing is quite different from traditional marketing efforts. It’s defined as: an advertisement strategy concept designed for businesses to promote their products or services [...]

5 Hot Marketing Trends for 2016

The basic needs of internet marketing are now considered established. To be taken seriously as a “real” business you need to have a responsive website with a robust local listing campaign. The [...]

Marketing is Everybody’s Job

When thinking about the changing environment of marketing in the digital age, many companies are looking at the internet to do their marketing for them. This is a similar idea to the desire for a [...]

If You Measure It, It Will Get Done

What gets measured gets done. It’s a familiar aphorism, certainly, but that doesn’t make it any less fitting. It’s true with almost anything you do, whether professionally or personally. For [...]

I Already Tried That Marketing

Have you ever called the IT guy for help and he told you, “Can you try rebooting the machine?” You reply smugly, “I already tried that! Can you come by and take a look at it?” Then when he shows [...]

Do I need a marketing person on staff?

A question we get from a lot of small business owners looking to make that next step is, “Do I need a marketing director?” This usually comes from someone who has already made the commitment to [...]

How to design a successful e-mail campaign

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