Strategy To Generate More B2B Leads In 2023

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In the ever-evolving world of digital marketing, it is important to equip your business with up-to-date tools to remain competitive.

We have created an updated strategy that business-to-business (B2B) companies can employ in 2023 to successfully generate more leads. There are several new tactics and techniques that B2B marketers should consider when looking to increase lead generation and conversion success rates.

Many digital tools have become increasingly accessible, enabling B2B companies to gain greater visibility and reach their target audiences more effectively. Understanding how these new resources work together is key to developing successful lead-generation campaigns.

We are also exploring the best practices for optimizing each tactic being used as part of the overall strategy. The goal is to ensure maximum efficiency and keep your Cost Per Lead (CPL) low. With the right approach, B2B companies can look forward to significant improvements in their lead generation performance over the next few years.

Leverage Products And Services Content On Your Website

An effective strategy for generating more B2B leads in 2023 will involve leveraging expanded product and service content on the website. More comprehensive content and description of your services will draw new users to the site, and generate interest from potential customers.

By improving your SEO positioning, businesses can reach out to prospective clients and demonstrate their value proposition.  This type of content builds credibility with prospects and showcases your website ahead of your competitors.

In addition to boosting lead generation strategies through informative product-focused content, you are also building opportunities to enter into new markets and industries.  A good strategy around your service offering on any digital platform is to make sure your content is clear and each URL is separately defined, so Google and other search engines can easily categorize and index your website.

Google Ads

Invest In Google Ads

Investing in Google Ads is an effective way to generate more B2B leads in 2023. It allows businesses to create highly targeted campaigns that are tailored toward their target audiences, allowing them to attract leads from specific sources and industries. The ability for businesses to customize their ads also enables them to optimize their budget and maximize returns on investment. By leveraging powerful analytics tools and keyword research tools, organizations can gain valuable insights into user behavior which can be used to further refine marketing efforts.

Google ads platform can easily integrate with your website to further deliver information about conversions, and performance metrics such as click-through rates (CTR) and cost per lead (CPL). These data points enable marketers to monitor their progress over time and continuously adjust strategies to ensure maximum ROI. Robust targeting options and granular reporting capabilities are a  reliable solutions for increasing brand visibility across multiple channels while optimizing costs at the same time.

Create Social Proof

Creating social proof can be an effective strategy for generating more B2B leads this year. Social proof is a powerful psychological tool that any business can use to influence potential customers’ buying decisions and encourage them to trust the brand. In a B2B world, it is as easy as creating interactions with many groups of experts in the industry on a business platform like LinkedIn.

Don’t be afraid to reach beyond your traditional social channels. Influencer endorsements are going to be a large part of advertising for any business, not just the direct-to-consumer ones.  The earlier you engage in influence marketing the more ahead of the game you will be in the next few years.  B2B influencers are business professionals that can help you build credibility in your market.  Consider podcasts, and guest appearances for your top management with a well-known influencer to further reach your potential client base.

To create successful social proof campaigns, companies should focus on developing content with reliable sources and a clear message about their brand’s value proposition. It’s also crucial to target relevant social media channels.

Publish Research As White Papers

Publishing research as white papers is a strategy that can help you reach new clients via digital channels.  Publish the white paper on your website and promote its highlights on social media to draw more attention and visitors.  A well-structured preview of the content will create curiosity and allow for the unique information to be located via search engines. By publishing research, you are offering reliable and up-to-date information about your respective industry and by providing authoritative content, you can demonstrate the expertise of your staff and establish trust.

White paper publications also serve as a valuable marketing tools.  To download it, you can request sharing of the email address of the user downloading it.  This will help you in building an extensive contact database that you can further remarket to via email marketing platforms, social media, or Google ads.  Additionally, they are effective at reaching a specific audience; modern search engine algorithms consider white paper topics as superior and verified forms of information.  As such, publishing high-quality research on targeted topics may help businesses reach prospects who are actively seeking out the solutions offered by your business.

Email Marketing

Collect Emails And Remarket To Your Audience

Collecting emails and remarketing to your audience is a viable strategy for generating B2B leads. You can create tailored marketing messages that are highly relevant to your client’s interests and needs. Remarketing allows you to reach out directly to users who have already expressed an interest in your product or service. This helps ensure that any message sent is more likely to be received positively than cold outreach.

This strategy also enables businesses to build relationships with prospects over time by providing them with relevant content (drip marketing) that adds value and educational element.

Organizations looking for effective strategies for expanding their business should consider leveraging email collection and remarketing techniques to increase their number of B2B leads.

Become More Active On LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the most valuable platform for organizations in the B2B arena. We have noticed some recent improvements on LinkedIn platform that go well beyond the recruitment part.  Consider sponsored content on LinkedIn and don’t give up after your first campaign.  Continue finding topics and formats that provide higher engagements and continue sponsoring these posts.  Soon, you will be recognized as an expert in your arena and a company that showcases large engagements on this platform.

Frequency of engagement plays a role on LinkedIn.  Make sure you have a dedicated staff member to build your presence on the platform. Engage in conversations taking place within groups related to your field, connect often with influencers who have authority in the subject matter.  With this strategy implemented effectively, businesses can expect to generate more B2B leads during 2023 via social platforms like LinkedIn.


2023 will offer many digital opportunities for businesses and it is clear that companies must take active approach to successfully generate more B2B leads in 2023. Leveraging products and services content on your website, investing in Google ads, creating social proof, publishing research as white papers, collecting emails and remarketing to your audiences, and becoming more socially engaged are all strategies with potential for success.

Organizations should strive to create high-quality content that will attract visitors to your website and provide more opportunities for conversions.  Take risks and become an expert to generate more leads this year.

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