Paycheck Protection Program | COVID Relief for Self Employed and Small Business Under 500 Employees

We know you’re reading articles and trying to find actual solutions on how to proceed during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) shutdown.


We’ll Never Forget 911 Budweiser Commercial


Top 10 Movies to Watch With Your Kids Before Christmas


The Most Amazing Holiday Ad is here


After Hurricane Michael animals need your help

After Hurricane Michael Animals Need Your Help In the wake of Hurricane Michael, we all focus on the devastation, clean up and later recovery.  Each year, during the hurricane season, pet owners [...]


What is Google’s Project Beacon and did you Receive One?

How to Use Facebook Without the App

Let’s face it, we’re all paranoid about using the Facebook App on our iPhones. People have posted plenty of videos perpetuating a conspiracy theory about the stalker feature of the [...]


13 Free Marketing Ideas for Contractors

13 Free Marketing Ideas for Contractors We surveyed more than 30 contractors online to gather insight into proven marketing ideas that require very little or no budget. We call these ideas [...]


Revenue Per Employee for contractors, builders, remodelers and construction industry

Revenue Per Employee: A Key Metric for Contractors and Remodelers to Gauge Performance For the past few years, one popular metric in the financial sector has been Revenue Per Employee (RPE). What [...]

A Madison Mom’s guide to a simpler (and realistic) way to stay healthy

A Madison Mom’s guide to a simpler (and realistic) way to stay healthy by Marlena Cavanaugh | November 3, 2017  You’ve been there…you grabbed a doughnut or a cookie to get you [...]

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