How the 2018 Facebook News Feed Changes Will Affect Small Businesses

How the 2018 Facebook News Feed Changes Will Affect Small Businesses The announcement this week that Facebook would be “reprioritizing” personal news feeds in an attempt to continue [...]

Trouble with Facebook Link Photos Not Working

Facebook has made some significant API updates in the past few months in an effort to combat the spread of fake news and misrepresentation. We’re going to walk through a few of the common [...]

2017 Social Media Trends and Digital Marketing Ideas

Every year, our team at Lion Tree Group ends the year doing two things. 1) Deciding on and awarding our Lion’s Share Awards for excellent creative design to NARI members in Madison, WI and 2) [...]

Did Facebook Kill the Infographic?

What Really Killed Infographics? Is the Infographic dead? This confusing reality struck as I was updating a client’s social media calendar yesterday and saw on the future blog ideas, “Why We Love [...]

Types of Facebook Ads – Which Ad is Right For Your Campaign?

Types of Facebook Ads – Utilize the Right Ad Campaign Type to Generate the Most Buzz for Your Business In the past year there has been quite a shift in Facebook’s advertising options. Most [...]

Facebook’s Large Fourth Quarter is a Result of Mobile Ads

80% or $4.5 billion of $5.6 billion in ad revenue attributable to mobile. In 2012, investors were anxious that Facebook was behind the curve of consumer mobile adoption. Since that time, Facebook [...]

2016 Social Media Trends

2016 Social Media Trend Predictions Infographics Our top 5 2016 Social Media Trends include changes in advertising practices, user behavior, message delivery and updates for many social media [...]

Pin it or Buy it | Pinterest enters E-Commerce

Since 80% of the pinning comes from mobile users , those who live in the US and own an Apple iPhone or iPad will have the ability later this month to purchase some of the items they see on [...]

What The Unofficial Demise of Google+ Means For Marketing

As the Google+ we knew splits up, what’s the lesson learned? Don’t put all your digital marketing eggs in one basket, advises columnist Travis Wright. Google+ is unofficially [...]

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