How to Find and Evaluate a Reputable Contractor Online

How to Find and Evaluate a Reputable Contractor Online The monetization of the internet has really changed how we find and evaluate local businesses, especially local contractors and home [...]

Handling the Permanent Impact of Online Reviews

Of the many impacts the digital world has had on the remodeling industry, online review may be the most game-changing. Empowered customers have shared their experiences freely and fostered a [...]

The End of Angie’s List: Losing Trust in Online Reviews

The End of Angie’s List is Here Previously I wrote about the elimination of membership fees for Angie’s List and the potential consequences for Angie’s List as it made the [...]

Review Washing: Losing Trust in Online Reviews

Gaming the consumer experience is nothing new. Advertisers picked up on this more than a century ago by controlling the conversation about their product. Why let an unbound customer feedback [...]

Angie’s List Eliminates Monthly Membership Fee

In a move sure to make Houzz and Porch a little nervous, Angie’s List announced this week that they will be moving to a free membership model.   What is Angie’s List? Already in [...]