After Hurricane Michael animals need your help

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After Hurricane Michael Animals Need Your Help

In the wake of Hurricane Michael, we all focus on the devastation, clean up and later recovery.  Each year, during the hurricane season, pet owners are forced to leave their animals behind as they are unable to bring them to shelters or hotels. Dogs, cats, and other animals that are left behind, or were caught in the storm, are now being rescued and cared for by owners, neighbors, first responders and animal rescue groups. If you are interested in helping one of these fantastic organizations, please see the ones active now during Michael.

FUR – Florida Urgent Rescue

Jacksonville animal rescue group the goes on mission to save animals in Hurricane Michael’s path. Organization did the same rescue mission before Hurricane Florence and said the rescue group was able to save more than 120 dogs and cats in the Carolinas.
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Panhandle Animal Welfare Society (PAWS)

PAWS is a private, non-profit organization that presently handles more than 7,000 animals annually. Local animal shelter caring for pets in the center of the storm.
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Emerald Coast Wildlife Refuge (ECWR)

The Emerald Coast Wildlife Refuge on Okaloosa Island force to evacuate all animals from the refuge and into volunteers’ homes for the duration of the storm.

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Justin Bartlett Animal Rescue

Responded to Hurricane Irma, Hurricane Maria and Hurricane Harvey.  Now in the path of hurricane Michael.
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