Email Open Rates no Longer a Reliable Key Metric after iOS Privacy Update

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Changes that make your email open rates no longer a reliable metric

Email marketing played a significant role during the pandemic, as this form of communication allowed business to reach their clients directly via their mailboxes.  Email marketers heavily rely on the key metrics like open rates, clicks, opt-outs to measure the success of their campaign.

With iOS 15 Apple has announced the introduction of their Mail Privacy Protection Policy (MPP), another step for Apple to improve the privacy measures across their network of products.

What does this update really mean?  Apple Mail users account for approximately 53% of all Apple users and this update protects that group from sharing their open rate data.  Before the update, when an Apple Mail user opened their email, a tracking signal was sent indicating that the email has been opened.  Currently, the image is cached on an Apple server after an email is sent but before the message is viewed by the recipient, eliminating the ability to know if the email was opened at all. The protection feature works by hiding your IP address and no longer allows the sender to track your mail activity.

Email Open Rates no Longer a Reliable Key Metric after iOS Privacy Update

How to check if your Mail Privacy Protection is enabled on your own iPhone?

While upgrading to iOS 15 a screen notice has been displayed prompting you whether or not you want to protect your mail activity.  Since the iOS update is something we rarely pay a lot of attention to and just try to get through all of the prompts to gain fast access back to our phone, you may have missed this important message.

You can access Mail Privacy Protection in your settings by going to Settings > Mail > Mail Privacy Protection. And the odds are – you most likely selected “yes” for your mail privacy protection.

So what’s the next step for the marketers?

It’s time to move to the downstream metrics and start relying on clicks, conversions and opt-outs as the KPIs for your email campaigns.

Looking into the future, the changes in cookie tracking, more strict privacy settings are going to continuously focus more on protecting the user and making it more difficult to track behaviors.  This will force marketers to build better campaigns, better mailing lists and provide more thoughtful campaign structure to improve engagements.

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