How to Market a Ranch

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A guide to successful ranch marketing.

With the success of shows like Yellowstone, 1883 and 1923, the interest in the ranching industry has significantly increased over the last few years. You can thank Taylor Sheridan for creating a demand for everything related to ranching, tourism, and the new appreciation for the hard work that cattle ranching requires.  If you are a ranch owner, now is the time to expose your ranch to a new audience, seeking insights into your daily lives.  You may wonder how you can leverage the increased interest in ranching or how to market a ranch, and we can help you answer those questions.

  1.  Tourism, Dude and Guest Ranches

    Ranches are becoming a travel destination fueled by the need of getting away from busy city lives and connecting with nature. The proximity of many ranches to national parks adds to the popularity of vacationing at a ranch. Dude ranches are vacation resorts that offer guests the opportunity to experience the western lifestyle, including horseback riding, outdoor activities, and cultural events. Some dude ranches also offer fishing, hunting, and camping. These ranches typically have accommodation in the form of cabins, lodges, or guest houses, and may also have additional facilities such as dining halls, and corporate meeting rooms. The term “dude” refers to the fact that these ranches originally catered to wealthy urban residents, or “dudes,” who wanted to experience the western lifestyle. If your ranch offers some of the above and you have a spare cabin on your property, opening your ranch to vacationers may be a great additional income producer for your ranch.

    The Dude Ranchers’ Association is a fantastic organization dating back to 1926, that can help you promote your ranch.

  2. Naturally Grown Products

    Consumer demand for organically produced goods has been growing each year since the 1990s. Currently, the consumer and the restaurant industry are willing to order premier beef and other products online vs. purchasing it locally, if it meets their specific needs, regardless of the cost of shipping. As with any direct-to-consumer products, you will need a platform to sell your goods.  You can choose local vendors but to create a wider reach, a simple eCommerce website will allow you to manage your sales.

  3. For Breeders

    Are you a Quarter Horse breeder? Is your ranch known for its stallions?  Invest in a website where you can provide more information about the history of your ranch, list horses for sale, their pedigree, reproductive services, performance, and fees. The more information you can provide the more market you can reach.

  4. Hunting and Horseback Riding

    If your ranch does not have any accommodation facilities but you would still like to take advantage of tourism in your area, you can consider other options.  Expanding into an outfitting business might be profitable, especially if your ranch is abundant in the big game or offers outstanding fishing.  Proper licensing and insurance are required for every outfitter.  You can promote your company for free on websites like Huntspotz to gain more exposure for your business.

  5. Selling Ranch Real Estate

    When you decide to sell your ranch, ranch marketing becomes a huge part of the selling process.  We highly recommend working with an experienced agent that specializes in ranch and land sales.  Work with a real estate broker from a company like UC Ranch Properties or another reputable agency to expose your ranch to the correct audience.  When it comes to selling your legacy, finding the right buyer is the key.  This is often complicated, especially when transactions are in tens or hundreds of millions of dollars. Take your time and do your due diligence.  Take advantage of the real estate social media influencer reach to gain more exposure for your property or make sure your agent uses all of the latest marketing tools to help you sell your ranch. Ranch real estate personalities like James Bigley Ranches can expose your listing to over 3 million viewers with just one post. Understanding all of the avenues of promoting a ranch for sale is going to be important to a successful transaction.

There are many other scenarios and ways to improve the growth of your ranch or cattle operation and take advantage of the interest created around the ranching industry.  Feel free to reach out to us to start a conversation on how a digital marketing and advertising agency can help you succeed in your ranching business. CONTACT US HERE

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