Last Minute Business Tax Savings for 2017 – Prepay for Your Website

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Last Minute Business Tax Savings for 2017 – Prepay for Your Website

With the looming tax changes, 2018 will be an excellent year to own a business. But one last minute way to shave some tax burden for 2017 is to prepay for a website with Lion Tree Group. We can help facilitate a proposal by year-end and finalize a plan for your 2018 launch.

Every company should update their website every 3-4 years. If you are on the bubble of this window and you are looking to defer some tax burden, check us out. We offer everything from basic informational websites to complex membership and e-commerce stores, but what really sets us apart is our design and our only-owner approach to account management.

We are a small partnership in Madison, WI and our personal commitment to projects is what has driven our success for the past 15 years.

Every business owner knows that you have to spend money to make money. If you are serious about business growth in 2018 and you’ve been waiting to see what happens with the tax plan before spending money, it isn’t too late. Submit a request through our website or email us at

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Other services we offer include:

  • Brochure Design and Printing
  • Trade Show Booth Design
  • Digital Ad Management including Adwords
  • SEO and Keyword Development
  • Custom Blogging
  • Video Production
  • 360 Google Streetview Business Tours
  • API integrations for CRM systems
  • Sales Presentation Apps
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