Small Business Website Design Tips for Madison

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Not just anyone can build a website.

Functional, engaging website design is the foundation for the digital marketing success of any small business.

A professionally designed and maintained website is central in converting visitors and leveraging a multi-channel digital strategy.

Visitors usually visit your company’s website for a specific reason. Maybe they were referred to you and are looking for a specific product or service. Or they located your page with an organic Google or Bing search and are looking to contact you or make a direct purchase from your e-commerce store. Each business has different goals, but knowing your ultimate goal can help in the creating of a website to maximize conversions based on visitor traffic flow.

The cost is high for a poorly designed, roadblocked site that leads to dead ends and ultimately less business. It’s important to utilize an established website design company that knows the local business territory in Madison to help create the most effective web presence for you with a focus on performance goals. The investment with the right design firm will lead to increased sales, return on investment, a lower cost per lead and a higher bottom line.

How do I evaluate website design?

We are immersed in a highly visual and interactive world. The continued improvement of internet speeds, screen resolutions, and interactive graphics allow for impressive site layouts and live elements like video and web apps.

Impressive design generally has two elements – 1) First impression power and 2) Unique, useful interaction. Usually these are described as user experience (UX) and user interface (UI). A website design can generate user interest and entice a user to continue browsing or take the next step and fill out a form. This is the key to good site flow. It’s about creating an experience, not just putting images into a template like online boilerplate websites from Squarespace or Wix.

How much is a website?

Most small businesses don’t need database-driven, multi-platform websites. For local websites, it’s more about getting a feel for a business, what products or services they offer, and relevant contact information. Most businesses don’t have $20,000+ to invest in a new site. A typical small business website costs between $4,000-$8,000. There are a lot of variables in cost and we’ll plan to cover that in another post. It is important to look at what you are expecting your site to do for you. And it’s important to recognize that added functionality usually comes with additional costs.

  • Does it need an online store?
  • What is the conversion goal for website visitors?
  • Is it a product gallery/showcase?
  • How much user engagement do you want?
  • Does it have to get updated frequently?
  • Is it used to engage with your existing customers – email or newsletters?
  • Do you need landing pages for advertising campaigns?
  • Is your site performing organically right now?
  • Do you need help with Google Ranking SEO?

All of these things contribute to costs and special web development options.

Successful, simple web development.

Here are a few tips to help guide you when you’re evaluating Madison website design companies:

1) Keep your design as simple as it can be

Users are not necessarily interested in complex, flashy websites. The aim of the design is to guide your visitors down a path to purchase or convert. If your website is too busy, your visitors could get confused and navigate away from your site directly into the hands of your competition.

2) Have a conversion goal

What do you want you visitors to do once they are on your website? Guide your visitors to your conversion goal and make them want to be your client. Do you want them to purchase your services or products? Design your website to drive them to a “Submit Inquiry” or “Click to Purchase” button.

3) Regularly update your website content and look

Customers expect your website to have the latest product information and industry news. If the content throughout your site isn’t current or mobile-friendly, you’ll be passed over for someone that does want their business.

Final Thoughts 

It is critical for every business, big and small, to have a user-friendly, professionally-designed website. In order to effectively convert visitors to customers, it is important to partner with the right website design agency with the right experience and expertise to make your launch a complete success. Invest in your website like any other asset you purchase for your business and it will become a productive resource and lead source for your company.

About the Author

Ben Lindberg, CR is a partner in Lion Tree Group, a marketing agency in Madison, WI. His expertise is in multi-platform brand messaging with a focus on inspiring homeowners. As an industry insider, he has walked the walk and developed a winning strategy from experience with one of Wisconsin’s largest remodeling companies. His agency specializes in digital website design and branding face lifts. He regularly blogs on his company’s blog: The Bark and Roar.

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