Why tracking your advertising matters

 In Marketing

You’ve decided to purchase online advertising, place an ad in a newspaper, run a few TV and radio ads, maybe throw in a quick direct mail piece. You’ve just invested in advertising and you are hoping for great results.  What if they don’t come? What happens next?  The basic part of your marketing is actually your tracking ability.  It’s not necessarily how much money you spend, but I’s the knowledge of how much you spent and what is your ROI.

Many companies still underestimate the value of asking a customer the simple question of “How did you hear about us?”.  It’s very easy to track the performance of your online advertising by simply looking at your analytics.  Learn how to read that information and how to best use it to your advantage.  Compare your results to prior year and see if you are making any progress. TV and other media are not that easy to track.  Rely on your staff to gather that information for you.  Put clear processes in place.  Use codes on your coupons and track each campaign separately.  

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