Top 2024 Website Designs for Contractors and Architects

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Best Website Designs for Contractors and Architects to Get You Inspired.

Are you looking for a real-life inspiration website for a construction industry client? Here are a few ideas from our latest designs that will help you create an outstanding website. Below you can browse live examples of clean, modern, and functional sites for contractors and architects.

Top 2024 Website Designs for Contractors and Architects

1. Big and Bold Architect Website

This site is as big as the architect themselves. This amazing website design was created for a client with a great vision. Our goal was to capture their grand presence and the truly collaborative nature of their company.  The Careers section was focused on teamwork and company culture.

The site was developed in WordPress and its unique design features oversized fonts, bold colors, and creative text highlights.

Top 2024 Website Designs for Contractors and Architects

2. Classic and Timeless Website Design

This expert in healthcare and senior living construction came to Lion Tree looking for a modern, clean site that can capture the essence of their experience. We’ve utilized client’s video and combined it with stills to create a hero section that showcases both the people and their project portfolio. Because of the clean layout, we used space to our advantage and worked with uncommon serif fonts to create a layout where the content and photography could shine.

This is a custom WordPress site utilizing the Elementor builder.

Top 2024 Website Designs for Contractors and Architects

3. Subtle Animation and a Unique Mega Menu

This website tells the story of people in the construction industry.  Their passion for multifamily and mixed-use buildings, the quality of their work, and over 70 years of dedication to their craft.

This site has been built in WordPress CMS and it utilizes Elementor as a page builder to allow the client to perform updates, and add projects and blog posts.

The most unique part of this website is the extensive portfolio that can be viewed as a list or as a map.  To learn more about creating filters in Elementor, read this post. 

Top 2024 Website Designs for Contractors and Architects

4. Fun and Animated

This website offers lots of animation and really customized portfolios.  This client specializes in architectural sheet metal and our goal was to represent their materials and project in the most effective and engaging way.  This website was built using WordPress and we took advantage of the animations that Elementor offers to create some really outstanding project features.

Top 2024 Website Designs for Contractors and Architects

5. Professional Boxed Design

With good UX at the heart of this project our team created everything from the video and photography content to custom icons. It’s not always easy to represent an electrical contractor in a professional way, but with this design we have not compromised any functionality for design. The final product is a well-polished website that serves both residential and commercial markets and captures the outstanding experience of the company.

Top 2024 Website Designs for Contractors and Architects

6. Classic for an Architect

Simplicity and clean design are the two highlights of this website design.  Our client was looking for a website that will enhance their photography and interiors and not distract from it. Our team worked on an initial UI and delivered a custom website layout that is a great representation of any architect.  Subtle animation works with the modern design.

Top 2024 Website Designs for Contractors and Architects

7. Traditional Website Layout

This website is a great reflection of the layout our client had in mind.  They looked to capture the luxury and high-end construction and our team of  designers was able to accomplish that by incorporating black and gold colors and mixing it with animated blocks.  This website was built in WordPress and equipped with Elementor builder to give the client complete freedom to edit the content when and as needed.

If you are looking for more top 2023 website designs, visit our portfolio. 

Top 2024 Website Designs for Contractors and Architects

8. Captivating Motion

The site from a first glance offers a luxury spa-like feel, which is precisely what our client was looking for.  We wanted to use a captivating image that invites user to further explore the site. Gentle movement gives the feel of being surrounded by waves.  This pool construction contractor is located in North Carolina and their website combines pages dedicated to services paired with products that apply to these service categories.

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