How to Integrate Hatch App with Gravity Forms and WordPress

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If you have been searching for a quick integration guide on integrating Hatch’s text messaging platform and WordPress with Gravity Forms, look no further!

Using Hatch’s messaging platform has been a popular integration for many companies.  Many of our remodeling clients use this to keep the communication open with their clients while avoiding getting lost in the abyss of email spam and junk. Text messaging communication can be used to setup the sales appointments, follow-up with the estimate, schedule the service or install, and follow up with the project.

Let’s dive into the process:

  1. You will need your Hatch Credentials and the link to the API documentation

    The key to this integration is just putting the puzzle pieces together and using the tools that are available to us web designers and developers.  Use this link to see Hatch’s current API documentation:


Make note of the Request Headers and the Request Body Properties, which we will map in Gravity Forms.  There are other Body properties you can map, but the required ones are listed below.

  1. Your Hatch Representative should provide you with three items:  Dept ID, API Key, and Webhook URL.


  1. You will need Gravity Forms and the Webhook Add-on

If you are an agency like us and using the Elite Version of Gravity Forms, the Webhooks addon comes with the license.  If you are not using the Elite License, we highly recommend it for integrating all things Gravity Forms.

Install the Webhook addon and then navigate over to the form that you want to integrate with Hatch.  You will now see the webhook Option where will create a new webhook feed.  Copy and paste the Webhook URL, select post and select JSON as format.

Map the request headers as shown below with the credentials given to you by your representative:

X-API-KEY: {Hatch API Key}
Content-Type: application/json

Map the Request Body required fields as shown below: Phone, Email, and Source are required. We also mapped the first and last names to complete our list.

Please Note: Email not required if you have a phone number and phone number not required if you have an email.  But it is always best to gather both for remarketing efforts

**Make sure you are using Phone Number fields and Email fields on your form.


Turn on logging for gravity forms and submit a test submission.  If you have any issues check the log and dissect from there:


Make sure that Hatch is also seeing the data to verify on their end.  You may need to have your rep verify this for you.




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