In 2018 Your Website will be the Most Important Business Asset

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In 2018 Your Website will be the Most Important Business Asset

Today, it does not make a difference what type of business you own to make a website your number one source of leads, sales or both.  We have been developing websites strictly as a part of complete marketing strategy for over 15 years. With years of data, system adjustments, perfecting the design and technology, we are able to say that website can be the most strategic element of your business.

1.Determine the goal

Are you going to sell your product or service online? Are you looking for strictly lead generation or maybe just building your contact base? Once we establish your your site’s goal is, we develop it accordingly.  It’s a combination of element placement, client forms, integration of triggered requests and much more.  There is a method to developing a website that actually works and it’s not a one-fits-all approach.  You’ll talk to many developers that use the same template for all sites – we know each site has a different client base and purpose, and that’s what we focus on.

2.  Don’t underestimate the design

Recently, we have met with a potential client and he said something that will stay with me for years to come.  “I looked at your website and and I want you to build me a site that will give my clients the same feeling I had, when I looked at yours.” He did not specifically explain what that “feeling” was.  But I had a pretty good idea.  You have to make your clients feel something special, just how they do, when they look at a piece of art. Don’t underestimate the design, it will heavily influence the trust your client has into your business, from the first moment they visit it.

3. Don’t expect results from investment in just the development part

Let’s say you have a brand new, fantastic looking site.  It has amazing content and has been optimized for the search engines in the best way possible.  In your mind, you many think you are all set.  That is not true, that is just a beginning of the journey.  Now, invest into your site.  This means everything from connecting your visitors from social media with fresh and unique content, digital strategic ad placements, joining just the right organizations and building the link value from preferred sites. It also means traffic.  More and more traffic.  And you will need it to see the return on the investment in your site.

4.  Expectations

Realistic expectations is what your developer and site optimizer should always start with.  If they say:  “We will get you on Google position #1 in a month” – they are most likely not realistic. We need to know where you want to be, how many leads per month you would like to expect, and we will set this as a goal.  It will influence our recommendation in how much you should invest into post-development advertising and traffic-driving efforts.  From our experience, what we can promise you is that you will see results.  We have businesses in our web portfolio that grew by 200% year-over-year.  We have clients who moved their in-store ordering to 100% web driven orders. That helped them double their business and open more locations.  We have enough success stories, to be able to make our clients a promise, that a new website will be their largest business driver within a year from development.

5.  Results

We build your site as a business tool.   It’s a customer management software, can be used to seamlessly connect with your outbound e-mail marketing, to manage your sales and inventory, and so much more.  Your website is a true tool for your business, and when or if  you decide to sell it, it will have a tremendous value.

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