New Google Fonts for Website Design in 2023

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If you are just like me, and you’ve just spent endless hours looking for a blog that simply gives you ideas for some fresh looking Google fonts, this one is finally for you. I promised myself that if I found one more blog that starts with Lato or Montserrat, I would do the research and write a comprehensive blog on fronts that will give you website a unique look in 2023.

We are a WordPress web design agency in Madison WI and we like working with Google fonts.  We do have a fair share of website using Adobe Fonts, but in order to keep the branding cohesive for our clients, Google fonts give us a lot more flexibility.  Not all our clients have access to the Adobe suite and that has been the main reason why we usually turn to Google.  We have been through Roboto and Open Sans way too many times and just like you, we need some new inspiration.

Here are sans serif and serif Google fonts that will help you create a modern and inspired website.

 Sans Serif Google Fonts to Use in Website Design in 2023


Serif Google Fonts to Use in Website Design in 2023

  1.  Roboto Serif

    This Serif font is a good option when you are looking for a wider serif font version. Created by Greg Gazdowicz who has worked as a graphic designer at branding studios, start-ups and non-profits before working in the field of typeface design, this font has a very classic serif approach.  The uppercase S has a beautiful and unique shape.

    Roboto Serif Google Font

  2. BioRhyme

    For the more fun designs where the font becomes the center of attention, you should opt for this unique type.  BioRhyme is all about the curves and it truly can carry the entire design on its own.  Give this font a shot if you are building a unique portfolio or a fun website that focuses on all of the 2023 trends.

    BioRyme Google font 2023

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