10 Best Revolution Slider Examples

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Best Revolution Slider Design Samples

There are many ways to use and customize your Revolution Slider.  We utilize it in many of our websites and often incorporate video and animation to make the website stand out.  View our other article on how to create animation in Revolution Slider to spruce things up even more.

10 Best Revolution Slider Examples

Subtle Animation and Integrated Menu

This is a fairly simple revolution slider but its simplicity is what makes it intriguing and powerful.   The only element that’s animated is a smoke overlay that is triggered by a mouse move.  The effect is achieved by using a parallax effect with the correct trigger.  This website is using a border which automatically gives the slider a border.  The connecting line between rows adds interest to the overall design.

10 Best Revolution Slider Examples

Cool Animation

This slider utilizes an interesting set of transition animations.  The duo-tone setting brings an extra element to the overall design.  This best revolution slider example is the highlight of this sample website design.

10 Best Revolution Slider Examples

Using Text as an Engaging Element

The location and the animation of the text are what make this slider unique.  We also used the links to other slides in the slider as a design element.  Not every client’s website is suitable for very unique designs.  This one is still interesting, but functional and well-performing.

10 Best Revolution Slider Examples

Awesome Animation

Read how this slider has been created in our blog. Using interesting animation you can create almost a video-like effect.  This slider is a perfect match for this client’s services.

10 Best Revolution Slider Examples

Revolution Slider for a Non-Profit Organization

This slider is focused solely on functionality and sending the user to the correct part of the website.  It incorporates a lot more text than we normally recommend.  In this setting, the information is the key and this slider proves to offer easy navigation and good UX.

10 Best Revolution Slider Examples

Animated Shapes

Adding simple shapes to the layer of this slider allowed us to elevate the simplicity of the image to focus on the topic and the power of the soccer ball. Don’t overthink it. Sometimes less is more.

10 Best Revolution Slider Examples

Revolution Slider Built for E-commerce

Slider featuring single products. It’s simple and focuses on the handcrafted furniture and its beauty

10 Best Revolution Slider Examples

Incorporating Video

This slider incorporates a very powerful set of videos intertwined with main link navigation.  It’s a different way to utilize the header revolution slider.

10 Best Revolution Slider Examples

Power of Simplicity

The scale of the text and simple slider navigation is all that this slider includes.  We have incorporated more unique transitions to add to the video-like nature of this slider. The photos speak for themselves.


Multiple layers of parallax effects moving at different speeds.  The text moves in the opposite direction and when paired with the solid background below it gives a feeling of the text dropping below the slider and into the next row.

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